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Birth Trauma

Birth trauma is incredibly prevalent among neonates, children, and adults, yet is unfortunately underdiagnosed among the general population. Many physicians and traditional health care providers are unaware of the health problems that can result from contemporary birthing practices used in the United States and around the world.

Modern childbirth is not always conducive to the whole-body health of the mother of the neonate. From inappropriate positioning to overuse of epidurals and induction, from lack of education for care providers to the use of forceps and vacuum-assisted deliveries, it is no wonder there are not more people who suffer from the ill effects of the simple act of being born.

As birth trauma is increasingly recognized as a medical condition that underpins many medical diagnoses, many people have begun to seek birth trauma chiropractic care to address this problem.

Birth Trauma Therapy

How Birth Trauma Chiropractic Can Help People of All Ages

Subluxations are a problem that can occur when childbirth is overmanaged from a medical perspective. Subluxations are a misalignment of the spine, nerves, and spinal bones, and they occur more frequently in vacuum-assisted deliveries where suction is applied to the head to pull the child from the mother’s pelvis.

There has been great concern within the chiropractic community that subluxations are the cause of many of the medical problems that neonates face, including spinal fracture, dislocations, and even sudden infant death syndrome.

However, subluxations related to birth trauma can have lifelong effects that persist into adulthood if they are not remedied.

Thankfully, chiropractic adjustments are a successful treatment for all manner of subluxations, including those related to trauma stemming from childbirth. By providing manual adjustments, a chiropractor will align your spine and nerves to relieve health problems and promote wellness.

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