Bioresonance Therapy for Depression in West Bloomfield, MI

Depression is an understandably difficult condition to live with, and millions of people struggle to gain control over their depression every day. Although the public’s view on mental health and acknowledging these struggles has gotten better, and medicine for treatment has also improved, there’s still a long way for patients on the road to recovery.

Bioresonance Therapy

Health analysts estimate that almost 7% of the population is affected by a major depressive disorder. That is a staggering 15 million adults annually!

Conventional treatment for depression

Depression is manifested in many ways, making it challenging for practitioners to give a diagnosis. Depression can be caused by a traumatic event, genetics, a history of abuse, medication and substance abuse.

Once a diagnosis has been made the treatment options vary according to diagnosis and the severity of the condition.

Most people struggle to admit they have a mental condition and avoid seeking professional therapy. Medicines like antidepressants are an easy treatment option. Unfortunately, these medicines can take a long time to show positive effects, and they can become addictive.

Among the forms of treatment, many people find positive results from bioresonance therapy for depression.

Bioresonance Therapy for Depression

Bioresonance therapy

Bioresonance therapy is an innovative and non-invasive form of chiropractic care that focuses on regaining the body’s balance. Using electromagnetic waves, the body is trained to self-regulate. Short and long pulses are transmitted to the brain’s limbic system where mood and emotions are controlled. The pulses activate the neurons in the brain and promote the release of neurotransmitters such as serotonin to enhance the patient’s mood and to help alleviate feelings of depression.

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