ADHD Therapy in West Bloomfield, MI

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, is the most commonly diagnosed disorder in children and teens today and can also affect adults. ADHD is characterized by excessive activity which is unable to be controlled (hyperactivity) and by an inability to focus attention on an assigned task (attention deficit). To be effective in school or a job it’s important to find solutions to these symptoms that work.

The most common traditional ADHD therapy prescribed by medical doctors is psychoactive medication which helps control impulses. While pharmaceuticals help to prevent the symptoms and may be necessary in some cases, this route can also have serious side effects and may have just dulled symptoms but not solved the problem. For a holistic health solution in ADHD therapy, it is wise to seek a second opinion before committing to long-term medication.

There are many behavioral and alternative health care options that have proven to be as effective as medication in providing therapy for ADHD in a vast number of cases.

Behavioral Therapy

Learning techniques to adjust our behavior to fit into societies requirements has been proven to be very effective in controlling ADHD symptoms. Behavior therapy may include learning a coping technique to avoid or change bad behavior, learning methods to handle emotions proactively, and developing triggers that promote good behavior.

ADHD therapy

Nutritional Counseling

Some ADHD sufferers are triggered by certain foods. We’ve all seen, or at least heard about kids on a sugar rush, for many of us adults a high can be triggered by too much caffeine on those early morning shifts. The same condition can be prevalent in ADHD sufferers, but much more severe and longer lasting. Nutritional counseling can help identify and eliminate foods that promote hyperactivity, and correct mineral deficiencies that contribute to loss of concentration.

Physical Therapy and Chiropractic

Physical therapy for ADHD can include muscle exercises and motor skills that calm the mind and promote more controlled brain activity. Many links have been made between certain physical activities and more controlled neurological thinking.

If you are looking for ADHD therapy in West Bloomfield, Michigan Chiropractic Specialists have chiropractic, physical, nutritional, and pediatric expertise that can help you find a solution.

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