Acid Reflux Treatments in West Bloomfield, MI

Acid Reflux

Most people hear the term “acid reflux” and think about heartburn caused by spicy foods or large meals, discomfort from the stomach up through the esophagus, and commercials for antacids. While these are accurate depictions, there are also physical considerations that can contribute to acid reflux. People who have hiatal hernias or those who are obese are more likely to develop acid reflux, as well as those who have spinal misalignment or have tense muscles in the chest, shoulders, and back.

Millions of Americans live with acid reflux and depend on medication to reduce the acid in the stomach, preventing reflux from occurring. Most reflux medications are not designed to be taken as a daily medication for the long-term, and those that are have unknown long-term side effects. Rest assured, there are homeopathic options for those who want to say “goodbye” to medications and take a more natural approach to their healthcare.


Those looking for acid reflux treatments should explore all the options that Michigan Chiropractic Specialists provide to help relieve acid reflux. For those who suffer from hiatal hernias, there is the option to have the hernia pushed back to where it belongs, under the diaphragm, which can be done in office. For those who experience acid reflux related to obesity, an in-house specialist can provide nutritional counseling and detox programs, as well as collaborate with the patient on a sustainable weight loss program.

For more physiological causes of acid reflux, a chiropractor can perform several therapies that may decrease the symptoms. For some, spinal misalignment is the cause of reflux, and this can be treated through a simple spinal adjustment that can be done right in the office. Sometimes reflux comes from tense muscles, which may be a product of anxiety or stress, and massage therapy is effective in the smoothing and soothing of those muscles.

If you are looking for acid reflux treatments, let Drs. Adam and Amanda Apfelblat help bring you better health and a better way of life through chiropractic wellness care by calling and making an appointment today.