Achilles Tendinitis in West Bloomfield, MI

Achilles tendonitis

Are you suffering from ongoing pain at the base of your heel? You could be suffering from Achilles tendinitis, a painful condition that benefits from early treatment to ensure it doesn’t spiral into a slower to heal the condition.

Based in West Bloomfield, MI, our team of experts is experienced in resolving even the most acute case of Achilles tendinitis. Whether caused by over-exercising, being overly ambitious with your distance goals, weak hips, or other issues such as tight calf muscles or hamstrings, we have the solution to get you back on your feet.

Achilles tendonitis is painful, interrupts with your regular gait, and feels like a big lump at the back of your foot. The only way to move forward with the condition is to gently address that lump, easing it out until it relaxes into its normal shape.

Most patients fear Achilles treatments, but they don’t hurt if administered by an experienced professional. You can expect your chiropractor to engage with you throughout your entire treatment as your feedback forms an important part of the process. This should give you the confidence to proceed with the treatment, knowing nothing invasive will be done to resolve your Achilles tendinitis.

Achilles tendinitis

Your Achilles tendinitis treatment extends beyond the site of the inflammation. When you choose preventative chiropractic as your health provider, you are getting a health philosophy that believes optimal health extends to the whole system. Because of this, your treatment will include the major muscles of your legs. Good overall leg health supports positive Achilles tendinitis recovery, enabling you to recover quicker than with the standard medical approach.

With professional treatment, Achilles tendinitis typically resolves in around 4~6 weeks. Don’t leave your recovery to chance, take action today with professional chiropractic renowned for delivering exceptional patient-focused results.

Let Drs. Adam and Amanda Apfelblat help bring you better health and a better way of life through chiropractic wellness care by calling and making an appointment today.