Your First Visit


Your first visit to your chiropractor’s office is the beginning of a relationship built on trust, respect, and communication. It is important you feel comfortable. Your first visit is very much an opportunity for you and your chiropractor to meet and establish a long-term health care relationship.

What Should You Expect on Your First Visit?

Your first visit will consist of several important stages so your doctor can assess your condition, learn more about you, and develop a customized plan of chiropractic care:
1. Patient Forms
2. Consultation
3. Examination
4. Digital X-Rays, if necessary
5. Report of Findings
6. Treatment
7. Wellness Program

When you first enter your chiropractor’s office, you will be given patient forms to complete. You will fill out your complete patient history, symptoms and any relevant information. If you are taking medications, or have allergies, you will note them at this time.

Next, you will consult with your doctor. This is an opportunity to explain any health-related problems you are experiencing, and what your hopes, concerns, and expectations are. This helps your doctor develop the best plan of care to meet your needs and goals.

Following your consultation, your chiropractor will perform a complete examination. Your doctor will examine your spine, your posture, your reflexes, and flexibility. Your complete chiropractic examination will also include other orthopedic and physical tests, as well as neurological evaluations. If you are in pain or had an accident, your doctor will examine the affected body part for injury, range-of-motion, muscle strength, and cause of pain or discomfort.

If appropriate, x-rays may also be used to help the doctor evaluate your condition. Digital x-rays provide an instantaneous, detailed look at the spine or affected body part. You will be shown your x-rays to have a complete understanding of the source or cause of the problem. Your chiropractor will want x-rays if you may have a fracture, osteoporosis, a spinal problem, or for any condition that would benefit from closer evaluation.

How Will Your Chiropractor Evaluate You on Your First Visit?

After all necessary tests are performed, and the doctor has completed your examination, your chiropractor will discuss the results with you. Your doctor will explain the best plan of treatment for your condition. You are encouraged to ask any questions you may have.

Your chiropractor will outline three phases of care for you:
1. Relief Care
2. Corrective Care
3. Restorative Care

After your evaluation and the explanation of the findings, your doctor may begin treatment immediately. If you are experiencing pain, treatments to relieve the pain is a priority.Your initial treatment during this first visit may consist of physical therapy, massage, spinal alignment or adjustments, and other recommended procedures based on your needs.

Before you leave your first visit, your doctor will explain and detail the upcoming treatment plan to correct and restore your condition to health, and to prevent future injury to the area. You will be given a recommended schedule of future visits. The duration will depend upon the treatments needed to resolve your problem.

Your chiropractor will talk with you about steps you can take when you are not at the chiropractic office. Your doctor will recommend a customized plan for you, including home treatments, exercises, stretches, as well as positions or activities to avoid. The goal of the chiropractor is not only to treat your problem but to encourage overall good health and wellness. By the end of your first visit to the chiropractor, you will feel much more confident, with an exact plan of treatment to resolve your condition and prevent future complications.

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