Treatment of Chronic Constipation in Garden City, MI

Constipation is the number one digestive complaint in the United States today. This condition causes stomach pain, bloating, loss of appetite, and can lead to other more severe complications. Standard indicators of constipation include infrequent or hard bowel movements, as well as a feeling that one still needs “to go.”

Sometimes constipation becomes chronic, or long-lasting and difficult to treat. This can cause people to turn to medications which don’t always provide lasting relief. For those looking for a treatment of chronic constipation, there is help available.

Chronic Constipation

What Is Normal?

Bowel habits among people can vary greatly. If you have three or more bowel movements a week, you are likely not chronically constipated. However, for those who have fewer than three movements per week, and the problem has persisted consistently for several months, you might have a problem.

Sometimes, diet and lifestyle habits contribute to constipation. However, these aren’t always to blame when chronic constipation is involved. Underlying medical issues, depression, stress, and even misalignment of the body can contribute to ongoing constipation.

Chronic Constipation Treatments

While increasing fluid and fiber intake are always recommended, there are times when taking further action is necessary.

Subluxations, or misalignments in the spinal cord, can cause blockages throughout the body. These blockages hinder the natural electrical pathways that take messages from the nervous, immune, and digestive systems straight to the brain. When these pathways are blocked, our body’s natural processes become congested, and as a result, misfire and cannot function correctly.

Chronic constipation can often be relieved through gentle spinal adjustments that clear these blockages. The reopening of the pathways allows the digestive system to communicate fully with the brain, which promotes healthy digestion.

Chiropractic care can help with chronic constipation.

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