Traction Back Pain Treatment in Garden City, MI

Back Pain

If you suffer from back pain and you’ve tried practically everything without relief, then it might be time for you to consider whether chiropractic-led traction back pain treatment is a good option for you.

Patients report almost instant relief after their first session of traction back pain treatment, because of its unique quality that releases the pressure of gravity off the spinal column, allowing your spine to stretch out and release any compressions that may be present in this complex area.

Because of this, traction back pain treatment is a good choice for patient with confirmed diagnoses, such as herniated disks, pinched nerves, general back pain, slipped discs, sciatica, disc disease, and a host of other back conditions that cause discomfort.

Traction back pain treatment can be either manual or mechanical, meaning your chiropractor can choose which style will be right for your specific needs. Manual traction back pain treatment requires the chiropractor to use their hands to put the back into gravity-defying traction. On the other hand, mechanical traction back pain treatment utilizes a specially designed bed which is equipped to extend the spine gently and painlessly.

Back Pain Treatment

Regardless of the method chosen, our expert team at Michigan Chiropractic Specialists will gently ease you through the process, using our extensive experience to guide you through this beneficial treatment. Rather than being a process to fear, traction back pain treatment is proven to assist in healing the back, making it a process to embrace with open arms.

Based in Waterford, Michigan, our trusted team is sought after across America for its efficient and effective range of chiropractic interventions, which leave you in better health than your original condition.

Discover what traction back pain treatment can do for yourself or your loved ones today. Because it’s your life, live it in health. Call us today and let Michigan Chiropractic Specialists help you have a better quality of life.