Tendonitis in Garden City, MI

Tendonitis can occur in virtually any part of the body and is a result of inflammation or irritation of the tendon, a thick cord that serves as a link between bones and muscle. Those experiencing tendonitis may have injured a specific joint. However, as is likely the case with athletes or those who work in manual labor, tendonitis often occurs as a result of repetitive use of the affected area.


Recognizing Tendonitis

There is a range of activities that can lead to tendonitis. Housework, which is repetitive and requires an individual to contort their body in uncomfortable positions, can be a major culprit for this ailment. Tendonitis is also frequently seen in gardeners, painters, athletes, and others.

Athletes who have incorrect form or fail to prepare their muscles for their chosen activity properly will see increased potential for tendonitis. Repeated exercise in this manner, or exercise that occurs sporadically and to the extreme can leave the individual susceptible to overuse injuries like tendonitis.

Tendonitis treatment

There is also the possibility that some suffer from poor genetics. Conditions such as a thyroid disorder, gout, or rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis can leave an individual susceptible to weaker and inflamed joints. Additionally, there is research showing that joints or bones in abnormal positions can create an unhealthy strain on soft-tissue structures. These “abnormal issues” can often be addressed through chiropractic care, along with tendonitis.

Treating Tendonitis

With age, the tendons can sustain less impact, and they’re more likely to tear, so those over 40 are particularly susceptible. Individuals can recognize tendonitis through localized pain or loss of motion in the painful area. Chiropractors at Michigan Chiropractic Specialists in Garden City work to diagnose the cause to set up a treatment plan just for you. Treatment involves resting the aggravated area, applying ice, anti-inflammatory medication, and regular chiropractic care.

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