Sprained Ankles Remedies in Garden City, MI

Sprained Ankles Remedies

A sprained ankle happens in the blink of an eye, usually without any warning, and can plague you for weeks or even months afterward unless it is treated correctly. The key is to treat it immediately with first aid, and then get professional medical attention as soon as possible.

It is always a good idea to have some x-rays taken to make sure you have just a sprain and not a fracture or torn ligaments. Here are some tips for first aid sprained ankles remedies.

  • Rest – As far as is possible, refrain from putting any weight on the injured foot. This may prove tricky out in the wilderness, but it could save you much pain and suffering later.
  • Cold pack – Even applying a pack of frozen veggies can do the trick if it is all you have available. Keeping the injured tissue cool will help to keep down excessive swelling and inflammation.
  • Compression bandaging – This also helps to keep down swelling and inflammation, as well as offering the ankle some stability and support.
  • Elevation – Keeping the injured foot above heart height is ideal and prevents the collection of excessive fluids in the damaged tissue.

Once you get to your chiropractor at Michigan Chiropractic Specialists, he or she will ascertain the full extent of the damage and prescribe a course of treatments. These may include massage, ultrasound treatment, and rehabilitation exercises.

Even as you follow a course of treatment, it is wise to continue treating the injured ankle as you did during first aid treatment. Additionally, you should faithfully follow your chiropractor’s instructions regarding remedial movement of the joint. This will ensure the least possible amount of scar tissue or stiffness remaining when the ankle is healed.

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