Sports Injuries – Garden City, MI

sports injury
Sports injuries include a multitude of conditions and causes and result from physical activity. Injuries resulting from physical activity may be due to improper form when engaging in a sporting event or exercise, due to pushing a body past its conditioning level, or due to body biometrics.

Injuries that are musculoskeletal can be due to genetic causes or poor conditioning. A musculoskeletal sports injury could be a sprain, strain, swollen muscle, shin splint, broken bone, or dislocated joint. While injuries may not last long, the underlying effects of the injury can cause more serious problems if they are not treated properly right away.

Other sports injuries may be due to a genetic abnormality in the structure of one’s body, a condition that causes muscles to be weak, or ligament and tendon damage. All these causes may be related to poor nutrition as well, which increases the risk for sports-related injury.

A person who is afflicted with a sports injury may experience pain, swelling, and stiffness both during the initial healing process and after if the injury is not treated correctly. The prolonged injury may also result in dizziness and headaches if left untreated.

Michigan Chiropractic Specialists offer therapeutic methods for the treatment of sports injuries, but from a natural perspective without the use of medication.

We provide spinal adjustment, physiotherapy, stretching and exercise options, and soft tissue massage for natural pain relief, as well as treating any pre-existing conditions that may have predisposed someone to an injury. In addition, we offer nutritional counseling services that provide education on a diet that promotes healing as well as plans for overall health moving forward.

Let us bring you better health and a better way of life through chiropractic wellness care.