Source Point Therapy in Garden City, MI

Source Point

The primary goal of chiropractic care is to heal the whole body and self with a proactive natural approach, so it makes sense that chiropractic care is offered alongside the popular energy healing system known as source point therapy.

Source point therapy is a growing system of healing, which harnesses the power of energy to create healing in the body as well as in the mind. Because of this, source point therapy is a powerful complement to the typical range of chiropractic treatments and can assist patients in reaching a greater level of overall wellbeing and happiness.

At our clinic in Waterford, Michigan, our team of experts can deliver professionally managed source point therapy, which is a non-invasive, drug free, and completely painless approach to healing.

Our modern lives have left us feeling quite disconnected and running low on energy, in addition, it is common for patients dealing with pain to report they feel drained physically and mentally because of the load the pain and the condition are placing on them. With source point therapy, patients can increase their level of energy, which has a positive effect on healing in other areas.

Like chiropractic, source point therapy works on the concept that blockages cause disease in the body. From the chiropractic sense, this means physical blockages, such as blocked nerves. From the point of view of source point therapy, energy blocks can create disease. When you are not blocked, either physically or energetically, you can begin to feel ultimately healthy.

Source Point Therapy

Whether you feel run down, or have ongoing issues with pain or sickness that you wish to have addressed, the team at Michigan Chiropractic Specialists is ready to assist you with a sensitive and professional outlook, meaning you can feel safe knowing you are in the hands of experts.

Why not give source point therapy a try today and find out whether it is the solution for you? Let us bring you better health and a better way of life through chiropractic wellness care.