Pharmaceutical Grade Ingredients in Garden City, MI

Recently, there has been mounting concern among physicians over whether supplements actually contain the ingredients listed on their labels. These concerns are also prevalent among our professionals at Michigan Chiropractic Specialists.

Striving to provide the best for our patients, we supply only the supplements that can truly be trusted to better your health: pharmaceutical grade supplements.

Pharmaceutical grade ingredient

Pharmaceutical Grade: What That Means

Pharmaceutical grade supplements have to meet strict requirements on purity and processing mandated by the law, and they have to be approved by the FDA.

Pharmaceutical grade ingredients must be raw materials that are at least 99% pure. A third-party agency verifies the purity of these products through random sampling.

These criteria certify that what appears on the label of a product is what is in it. They also act as a guarantee that the supplements in question will actually be effective when you take them. While meeting the standards may sound relatively simple, fewer than 3% of products in the market are classed as pharmaceutical grade.

Why Should You Invest in Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements?

Pharmaceutical grade supplements are a great investment. The most obvious reason for this is that they can help you recover from a number of medical conditions. At Michigan Chiropractic Specialists, we often recommend them to support nutritional counseling and detox programs.

And there are reasons why you should pick pharmaceutical grade drugs over others. Their purity means they have no contaminants or additives in them. Contaminants can sometimes cause allergic reactions, and supplements that are not pure and concentrated will be less effective.

Also, pharmaceutical grade supplements are more bio-available, meaning they are easier to absorb into the bloodstream. When a product can be more readily absorbed, it is more effectively used by your body.

Trust Our Method

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