Nutritional Supplements

Michigan Chiropractic Specialists provide nutritional supplements to support our Nutritional Counseling and Nutritional Detox programs.

The U.S. FDA grades materials that are to be consumed as feed grade, human grade, and pharmaceutical grade.
There is no strict definition of “feed grade” or “human grade,” but the FDA mandates that all raw ingredients and manufactured products that are intended to be consumed by animals or humans be safe to eat, manufactured under sanitary conditions, and be labeled truthfully.

Materials intended for human consumption have passed USDA inspection and have met their standards as safe for humans to eat.

What are Nutritional Supplements?

The term “pharmaceutical grade” has a strict legal definition. Nutritional supplements must be made from raw ingredients that have met standards for purity and processing that have been established by the U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP). In addition, pharmaceutical grade products must be at least 99% pure and verified by a third-party agency – random sampling accomplishes this. You can be assured that when you buy a nutritional supplement, it is guaranteed to contain exactly what is on the ingredients list.

While many people think, it is a simple matter to prepare pure products, it isn’t, and even the most processed, highly purified product will still contain some level of impurities. It is easier to get a product from 90% pure to 98% pure than it is to get it purified from 98% to 98.5%.

With the level of purity, lack of fillers and additives, better absorption, and lower risk of allergic reaction to contaminants and fillers, the nutritional supplements are a great investment.

Why should I take nutritional supplements?

Nutritional supplements are guaranteed not to contain contaminants. While harmless to most, some contaminants can be allergens and can cause reactions in allergic individuals.

In some cases, pharmaceutical grade vitamins can prove useful in treating certain medical conditions. Your doctor may give you prescription vitamins to administera specificdosage that will be beneficial.

Nutritional supplements are more bio-available than other supplements. We take supplements to reap their specific benefits, but for them to work, they need to be absorbed by our bodies. Many fillers and additives included in non-pharmaceutical supplements can hamper the absorption process.

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