Neck Pain Treatment in Garden City, MI

Have you ever thought about the amount of strain your neck experiences daily, from carrying your head? The head weighs up to ten pounds, but gravitational force and the frequently craning the neck downward means the weight on your neck can reach over fifty pounds. This is one trend we see in the chiropractic field with the increasing usage of smartphones and tablets.

Neck Pain

This problem, known as tech-neck, is a major modern-day contributor to neck pain.
The good news is that regardless of your technology usage, at Michigan Chiropractic Specialists in Garden City we have an effective plan for neck pain treatment.

How Neck Pain Starts

Regardless of your age or level of activity, if you have experienced or are experiencing neck pain consistently, it is time to visit Michigan Chiropractic Specialists. This pain can range from a limited range of motion, muscle spasms, or general soreness.

One of the first things we look at is how your surrounding muscle groups are functioning and reacting. How are you using your shoulders or your back? Are you experiencing headaches, and if so where do they originate and how frequently do they happen? Regardless, despite its frequency around the general population, neck pain should not be treated as normal.

Neck Pain Treatment

Treating Neck Pain

Your chiropractic specialists in Garden City have a number of potential neck pain treatment plans. Usually, we start by evaluating your lifestyle. This includes stress-inducing triggers in your life, level of activity and incurred injuries, or simply how you carry your upper body.

As stress is frequently carried and held in the shoulders and neck muscles, those who feel stressed for large portions of their day are likely tensing those muscles for extended periods. If you experience this, poor posture, or have sustained a neck injury, you need to start a plan for neck pain treatment. Let our state-of-the-art chiropractic equipment and technology help you achieve a better quality of life.