Massage Therapy for Chronic Pain in Garden City, MI

Many people suffer from chronic pain—any pain that lasts six months or longer—and are on a steady regimen of painkillers to manage it. Massage therapy for chronic pain is a safe, non-addictive alternative, or as an aide to contemporary medicine.

At Michigan Chiropractic Specialists, we are committed to helping you achieve your optimal health. We want to help you by giving you the best possible treatments for dealing with your chronic pain. Our highly trained specialists are up-to-date with the latest techniques to alleviate your pain.

Chronic Pain

Benefits of Massage for Chronic Pain

When a person is dealing with constant pain, it can lead to difficulty in sleeping. A single massage session can temporarily reduce pain, allowing you to get a good night’s sleep. Multiple sessions will work to heal the problem and give you respite from your pain.

People dealing with chronic pain often have a hard time moving as joints and muscles can become stiff or inflamed. Massage stretches muscles and increases flexibility while being extremely relaxing.

While receiving a massage, and even after it’s finished, the body releases serotonin. This is a natural pain reliever and a feel-good drug your brain produces. So not only does it relax the muscles, but it also stimulates the mind.

Massage for Chronic Pain

How It Works

Massage therapy for chronic pain takes a holistic approach to healing. Rather than masking the symptoms like painkillers do, a massage targets the points causing the pain.

In the case of back pain, which is often caused by poor posture or lifting heavy weights incorrectly, massage stretches the muscles, relieving pressure on the joints. It also eases stiffness in the muscles and can promote endorphin production.

Massage is a safe treatment and is even suitable for pregnant women. At Michigan Chiropractic Specialists, we can modify the therapy as necessary to consider personal preferences, excessive pain, physical condition, and age.