Joint Pain Chiropractor in Garden City, MI

Joint pain is one of the most common health complaints treated by doctors. A recent survey showed that a third of people are suffering from joint pain at any given time. Since your joints are the places where two bones come together, they are used constantly as we move. Every time we pick up our phones, walk, or sit down we are using a variety of joints.

Joint pain chiropractors can help those suffering from joint pain. Appointments can be set up for a variety of joint issues ranging from knee pain to even finger pain. Repeated chiropractic visits have been shown to reduce the pain and keep the body functioning properly.

Joint Pain Chiropractor

Types of Joint Pain

The most commonly reported type of joint pain is knee pain. The knees help hold up and move the body throughout your life. They undergo tremendous pressure and wear and tear. Every time you play a sport, take a jog, or even walk to your car your knees are holding you up. This support can take a toll on your knees over time.

Other common types of joint pain are pains in the shoulders, hips, and fingers. This pain is caused by a natural wearing down of the bones which leads to inflamed tendons, ligaments, and muscles.Inflammation, along with stiff movements and pain, are common results of joint problems.

joint pain treatment

How Can Chiropractic Care Help?

Chiropractic care for joint pain is a great treatment option. Your chiropractor will work with you to create a plan to meet your needs. These needs might include inflammation reduction in the form of massage or ultrasound. These methods can promote blood flow which can reduce swelling of the area.

Realigning of the joints can take away the pressure being put on the surrounding tissues. This taking away of pressure reduces pain and improves range of motion. Regular treatment can help keep the body properly aligned.

The chiropractors at Michigan Chiropractic Specialists are dedicated to helping their patients achieve healing.