Hot & Cold Packs


Sometimes the simplest remedy is the most effective, if applied in the correct manner. Hot and Cold packs used during therapy assist in minimizing damage to the affected areas by controlling the blood circulation.

The chiropractor always judiciously applies hot and cold packs to ensure the right amount of heat or cold reaches the area.The packs are always applied with a barrier, such as a towel or cloth, between the pack and the skin, to ensure the patient is comfortable and not at risk of burns.

What are Hot and Cold Packs?

Hot and cold packs are equipment used by chiropractors to apply heat or cold to an injured area to reduce the severity of an injury or promote faster healing. They come in a variety of sizes, can be applied to any part of the body, and are a simple but effective way to promote healing and reduce pain.

Cold packs are generally applied to the injured area immediately following the injury to promote vasoconstriction and limit the flow of blood to the area. This helps to reduce inflammation, which can cause further complications and may require additional treatments. Cold packs can also be applied to relieve pain associated with muscles spasms by lessening the intensity of the contractions.
Hot packs are generally applied after the injury has had a chance to stabilize. The heat promotes blood flow to the area, allowing the muscles to absorb nutrients and heal faster. The heat also has a calming effect on the muscles, which improves flexibility and range of movement.

A combination of alternating hot and cold pack applications may be more effective for some conditions. In this case, the practitioner carefully alternates each pack for a specific amount of time to regulate the blood flow.

What Conditions Do They Treat?

Heat and cold packs can be used for a range of injuries, including soft tissue injuries, neck, back, and some spinal injuries, as well as sprains and strains of connective tissues.

They are most effective as a treatment for sports injuries, or for accidents involving trauma such as falls, collisions, or sprains. These packs also have a therapeutic effect on chronic conditions, such as persistent muscle or joint pain.

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