Hip Pain Symptoms in Garden City, MI


Have you been suffering from hip pain lately? Have you informed your family doctor about it but only been prescribed pain medication? Proactive patients get their hip pain symptoms assessed for underlying issues; read on to discover how chiropractic could solve all your problems while also helping you discover a new level of health.

Based in Garden City, MI our expert team of chiropractors regularly see people just like you who are suffering from nonspecific hip pain symptoms which they can’t seem to relieve. Chiropractic works to discover the source of your pain, and once identified, works to relieve allowing you to experience less pain and more mobility than ever before.

There are various causes of hip pain, which is why it is so essential for you to see an expert first before embarking on any treatment programs. Causes can vary, from overuse through sports, to accidents, to inflammation, and even degenerative diseases such as osteoarthritis.

One of the most common types of hip pain symptoms are caused by referred pain, which is pain that travels to another site when another part of your body is forced out of alignment. This referred pain is simply the result of your body being off balance, which is quite common these days with many people leading sedentary lifestyles.


When you present at your local chiropractic with hip pain symptoms, he or she will perform a series of adjustments in order to get your back, and your whole body, back into alignment. In addition, complementary treatments may be recommended, such as massage to stimulate release, or advice on stretches that will best help your condition.

Chiropractic is renowned for getting quick results for instances of referred pain, so if you have been suffering from hip pain symptoms, why not get checked out to determine the real cause of your aches?

Let Drs. Adam and Amanda Apfelblat help bring you better health and a better way of life through chiropractic wellness care by calling and making an appointment today.