Healing Hamstring Injuries in Garden City, MI

Hamstring Injuries

A hamstring injury is common among athletes who participate in sports that include sprinting or sudden stops like, soccer, basketball, football, tennis, or other activities like running or dancing. In addition to sudden movements, if the body and muscles are not properly prepared for activity it can lead to a hamstring injury. Inflexible muscles may be unable to move in the full range of motion needed and could result in an injury. Chiropractic care can help keep muscles flexible and alert for any activity.

What is a hamstring?

The hamstring is a group of four muscles that run along the back of the thigh, allowing the knee to bend. Hamstring muscles are not used often while standing or walking but can be very active during activities that involve bending the knee.

Symptoms of a hamstring injury:

Hamstring injuries can range from a mild muscle pull or strain to a complete muscle tear. When a hamstring injury occurs, pain or tenderness, and swelling in the back of the thigh are all possible symptoms. In more mild strains, the pain may not be as great making it possible to walk, but in severe cases, there may be a snapping or popping feeling that occurs making it too painful to move around or even stand.

While the less severe muscle strains may be treated at home, partial or severe hamstring tears may require professional help.

Healing Hamstring Injuries


Healing hamstring injuries with chiropractic treatment can promote muscular health and relieve pressure on the surrounding nerves. Treatments include massage therapy, adjustments, deep tissue procedures, and elective muscle stimulation. These treatments can help to improve joint and soft tissue motion, break up scar tissue, and restore muscle tone.

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