Hamstring Injury Treatment in Garden City, MI

Hamstring Injury Treatment

Unfortunately, hamstring injuries are quite common, particularly among athletes and runners who often accelerate suddenly. Muscular strain is the most common injury and usually occurs in the thickest part of the muscle. Let’s learn a little more about hamstring problems and options available for hamstring injury treatment.

Types of hamstring injuries

There are three varieties of hamstring strains – mild, moderate and severe.  A mild strain involves overstretching or pulling without tearing tendon or muscle. Swelling is often minor, but pain is felt when walking, sitting or ascending stairs. Usually, there is no loss in flexibility or strength.

A tear in the hamstring is considered a moderate grade injury. Pain is frequently more immediate, and there is less power and suppleness in the hamstring. Walking causes limping and when the muscle contracts, there is additional pain.

A severe strain includes a complete rupture or acute tear. A lump may be present under the skin, and sharp pains are felt in the back of the thigh. Bruising occurs several days later.

Hamstring tendonitis is the result of overuse and can lead to hip and knee pain. Muscle stiffness, swelling, and a throbbing ache are common symptoms.

Chiropractic intervention for hamstring injuries

Hamstring Injury

Professional involvement is crucial to treat a hamstring injury effectively. Initial action involves the RICE method.

Rest, ice, compression, and elevation will aid in controlling any swelling, internal bleeding and pain. A chiropractor at Michigan Chiropractic Specialists will examine not only the hamstring but the knees, hips, feet and back to determine if posture or damaged biomechanics is to blame.

Spinal manipulations and adjustments will stimulate the nerve supply to the hamstrings and quadriceps and can restore strength in these areas. Custom orthotics may also help correct poor biomechanics and decrease the likelihood of additional hamstring injuries in the future.

Treatment typically resolves hamstring injuries. Maintaining flexibility and allowing the muscles to heal will permit you to rejoin your normal activities soon.

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