Hamstring Injuries: Chiropractic Treatment in Garden City, MI

Hamstring Injuries

Three muscles run down the back of your leg, from your thigh to your knee forming the hamstring. A pulled hamstring or hamstring strain occurs when one of these muscles gets stretched too far and tears.

Because the hamstring is a major leg muscle, an injury can immobilize you. Fiber tears are the most common form of a hamstring injury and are a frequently seen injury in recreational and professional sports, especially among soccer players and track and field athletes.

How Do You Know You’ve Pulled Your Hamstring?

If you have a hamstring injury, you will experience sharp pain and a popping sensation. You may even fall when it the tear pops. Other symptoms include pain in the back of thigh when bending or straightening your leg and tenderness or swelling in the back of the thigh.

The discomfort can range from mild and a short recovery time to severe, where you will need the assistance of crutches and recovery can take months.

Chiropractic Care for a Hamstring Injury

Treatment begins with rest, compression, ice and elevation (RICE). As soon as possible and to restore mobility to the region, chiropractic adjustments are done to the knee, hip, pelvis, and spine. Stretching and massage techniques are used to break up any scar tissue and help with mobility.

Electrotherapy and ultrasound may be used to facilitate the healing process for quicker recovery.
Once motion is restored, a strengthening program is followed in the office and at home as part of the hamstring injuries chiropractic treatment.

Recurring Injury

For young athletes especially, hamstring injuries can be frustrating because the recovery can be slow and re-injury is common. Returning to your sport or other activities too soon can cause re-injury.

Chronic or reoccurring hamstring injuries require deep tissue treatment to break down scar tissue and soft tissue adhesions that prevent proper healing.