Frozen Shoulder Trigger Point Therapy in Garden City, MI

Trigger Point Therapy

A frozen shoulder can be felt as either a sharp pain or the inability to move the shoulder and can occur in people suffering from a shoulder injury or recovering from a stroke or surgery. Frozen shoulder is more commonly seen in older people.

Treating a frozen shoulder requires determining its cause, and so the good news is that frozen shoulder trigger point therapy is not only effective in easing the pain and improving the shoulder’s mobility but corrects the underlying issue that’s causing it.

What is a frozen shoulder?

A frozen shoulder – or adhesive capsulitis – occurs when tissue around the shoulder stiffens and scars. The accumulation of scar tissue causes inflammation on the tendons in capsule of the shoulder and can be felt as stiffness, pain, numbness and reduced mobility.

The symptoms can increase over time and are characterized by three stages: pain, frozen, and thawing. People first experience as frozen shoulder as pain. Mobility decreases in the second stage. The thawing stage is the reduction of pain and an increase in mobility with treatment.

How is frozen shoulder treated?

Most treatments attempt to eliminate the inflammation in the tendons, which in turn alleviates the pain and increases mobility. Treatment can include icing, acupuncture, electrical therapy, ultrasound, and anti-inflammatory drugs.

The reduction of the scar tissue is essential to relieve the pressure on the tendons. This can be achieved through massage and trigger point therapy.

What is trigger point therapy?

Frozen Shoulder Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger points are contracted and sensitive bundles of tissue in our body. Trigger point therapy is applied pressure through the hands or a special device on these sensitive areas that relieve pain and inflammation and restore movement.

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