Frozen Shoulder Treatment in Garden City, MI


Are you having difficulty moving your shoulder when you complete household tasks? You may be suffering from frozen shoulder, which means the tissues that surround your shoulder, as well as your shoulder joint itself, is locked into place. Frozen shoulder treatment helps you regain full control, read on to discover how expert chiropractic care could work for you.

Here in Garden City MI, we specialize in treating frozen shoulders and bringing them back to good health through a series of gentle treatments. Frozen shoulder treatment duration depends on the length of time you’ve had the condition as well as your severity.

There are three types of frozen shoulders which are classified depending on the severity of the symptoms: freezing stage, frozen stage, and the thawing out stage. All of these stages are suitable for chiropractic intervention. However, if left untreated, frozen shoulder can become worse. If you have noticed signs you have this condition, now is the time to see a specialist.

Most patients suffering from frozen shoulder expect their frozen shoulder treatment to be invasive or extremely painful – this couldn’t be further from the case. Our expert team of chiropractor work gently and non-invasively, to gently urge your shoulder out of its frozen state.


In addition, we are able to assess the true underlying cause of your shoulder condition and when combined with an overall assessment of your health and balance, provide an ongoing preventative plan that will ensure you won’t suffer from any similar condition ever again.

Typical patients recover in a maximum of six months, but it is not uncommon for severe cases to take up to a year. The most important thing is that they DO recover, so if you’ve been wondering whether your condition is permanent, take heart in the fact that even the most frozen shoulder can experience a radical change.

Don’t put up with your frozen shoulder a minute longer. Chiropractic helps your nervous system for improved wellness and a better quality of life.