Failed Spinal Fusion Surgery in Garden City, MI

Failed Spinal

Failed spinal fusion surgery (FBSS) is not uncommon. Many patients experience problems in the weeks or months after undergoing the procedure.

FBSS can occur as a result of an incorrect diagnosis before surgery, problems created by surgery in other areas of the spine, and nerve damage or muscle injury during surgery.

Spinal fusion surgery failure signs

Some of the symptoms of failed spinal fusion surgery include reduced mobility, lower back pain that radiates to the legs and often results in numbness, spasms of patient’s back, bad posture, or difficulty in falling asleep and resting properly.

Patients who undergo this invasive surgery are highly susceptible to the development of failed back surgery syndrome and should research alternative treatments before moving forward with the procedure.

Chiropractic treatment is an excellent option for many people suffering from failed spinal fusion surgery.

How chiropractic care helps reduce failed spinal surgery symptoms

Chiropractic treatment is a healthy, holistic approach, with long-lasting results and no side effects when performed by licensed chiropractors with a great deal of expertise.

Through chiropractic manipulation and mobilization, back pain resulting from failed spinal fusion surgery can be significantly reduced in just a few sessions.

Each patient is unique and receives a thorough evaluation. Based on this evaluation the chiropractor will decide which technique is best suited for the patient and begin a treatment plan.

Failed Spinal Fusion Surgery

It is difficult to determine how many sessions each patient will need for recovery, but most patients experience significant pain reduction after their first session. Chiropractic care becomes, therefore, extremely important for patients who need to get back to their normal routine, to go back to work and to live a pain-free life.