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Zygapophyseal Syndrome, better known as facet joint syndrome, is a form of arthritis affecting the zygapophyseal (facet) joints of the spine. A pair of these joints supports and stabilize each vertebra of the spine, effectively giving the spine its flexibility.

When the cartilage within these joints degrades, the friction of bone-on-bone movement causes pain and stiffness which can radiate throughout the back, buttocks, and legs. Inflammation of the facet joints results in pain and restricted spinal movement. Facet joint syndrome most commonly presents in the neck and lower back.

Its symptoms may include headaches, tinnitus, difficulty bending or twisting at the waist, and muscle tenderness and stiffness in the neck, shoulders, back, buttocks and thighs.

What Causes Facet Joint Degradation or Inflammation?

Like many aches and pains, aging is a contributing factor in facet joint degradation. As a body ages, the cartilage in its joints breaks down. When this loss is not evenly distributed within the joint, the resulting uneven pressure can further exacerbate the problem. Pressure overload, trauma, and abnormal posture can all contribute to facet joint inflammation.

Treating Facet Joint Syndrome

If left untreated, facet joint syndrome can become a chronic problem. Short-term treatments of facet joint pain symptoms include over-the-counter non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and application of heat or cold to the affected area. Physical therapy treatments target the causes of the facet joint pain rather than its symptoms and can involve soft tissue massage, posture correction exercises, and manipulation. Early treatment by a facet joint pain chiropractor can decrease pain, improve range of motion, and strengthen core muscles to reduce or eliminate the adverse effects of facet joint syndrome over the long term.

Joint Pain Chiropractor

Facet Joint Syndrome Getting You Down?

No two spines are the same. A full assessment of your symptoms, lifestyle, and medical history will assist our team in uncovering the underlying issues contributing to your back pain and developing a comprehensive treatment plan specifically for you.

Addressing the cause, not just the symptoms, of back pain for each individual is what makes Michigan Chiropractic Specialists the premier facet joint pain chiropractor in Garden City.