Ear Infections Remedies in Garden City, MI

Ear infections are known causes of fever, vertigo, ear pain, and even fever. These symptoms may come and go on their own, but they often require treatment. While some may suffer from only the occasional ear infection, others suffer from chronic infections and ongoing pain. The regular use of antibiotics can result in treatment-resistant bacteria, as well as other side effects, and many at-home methods have been shown ineffective at fighting ear infections and pain. However, there are other ear infection remedies available.


What Causes an Ear Infection?

The cause of ear infections is typically fluid buildup in the ear. A blockage is forms, and fluid cannot escape. This causes the pain, fever, and sensory issues that result from the infection. It can even cause vertigo or dizziness.

Ear infections themselves are not contagious, but the viruses that cause colds can lead to an ear infection. The excess fluid associated with a cold sometimes drains from the sinuses into the ears. This is why many who suffer from head colds and allergies end up with ear infections.

A Proven Effective Treatment

Chiropractic care is a proven method of treatment for the symptoms of many conditions including ear infections. These remedies can help treat ear infections successfully, relieving pain and frequent infections.

Ear Infections Remedies

How Does It Work?

Misalignment of the body can create blockages in the nervous system’s pathways, which act as messengers between the body’s systems and the brain. When these pathways are blocked, messages can’t reach the brain properly. This means the body cannot naturally remedy the ailments assaulting it—including pain, fluid buildup, and infection.

Working with a chiropractor can mean proper alignment, drainage of fluid, and less pain and infection. Focusing on the adjustment of the neck, a chiropractor can manipulate the lymph glands and muscles to promote fluid drainage in the ears. Proper alignment throughout the body results in better communication between the immune system and the brain, which helps the body fight infection naturally.

Let Chiropractic Care Work for You

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