Degenerative Disc Disease Treatment in Garden City, MI

Symptoms of Degenerative Disc

The vertebra in our spines have protective discs between them that act as shock absorbers against the constant pounding our spine takes in everyday life. But as we age, the spine can become compressed—like the squeezing of an accordion—and the discs can become flattened, causing pain and discomfort. Degenerative disc disease treatment can help restore the spine’s length and decrease the pressure on the discs.

What Is a Degenerative Disc?

The discs between our vertebra are made up of a tough outer layer and a spongy inner layer, and as we age, the discs can weaken and crack. The inner layer loses its sponginess and can leak out, which is a herniated disc. The tissue from the affected disc can press on adjacent nerves causing pain and discomfort, which can worsen over time. As the discs lose their form, the vertebra also compresses.

Degenerative disc disease most commonly occurs either in the cervical spine—the vertebra in the neck—or the lumbar spine, which comprises the vertebra of the lower back. That’s due to the constant movement and load-bearing those two segments are subjected to over time.

What Are the Symptoms of Degenerative Disc Disease?

Degenerative Disc Disease

The symptoms of a degenerative disc vary depending on the severity and the portion of the spine affected. It can be felt as stiffness or pain either in the neck or lower back. If the disc is pressing on a nerve, the pain can radiate either down the back of the legs or through the shoulders and down the arms. The pain may include numbness, tingling, a feeling of pins and needles, or an electric shock, and the symptoms can increase or decrease when changing position.

How Is Degenerative Disc Disease Treated?

Proper diagnosis is an important part of the treatment. Chiropractic care is a non-invasive option to surgery. Your chiropractor will apply spinal manipulation or adjustments that will help lengthen the spine and increase the space between the vertebra. This technique relieves the pressure on affected nerves.

Your chiropractor will also prescribe exercises and movements that can encourage healing and relieve the pain.

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