Degenerative Bone Disease in Garden City Michigan

Degenerative bone disease, commonly known as osteoporosis, causes bones to deteriorate and become fragile. Causes are linked to diet, genetics and an inactive lifestyle.

Symptoms of osteoporosis

In the early stages of the disease, there are no symptoms. As time passes, affected individuals may notice they seem shorter in stature, their bones break easily, or they have back pain. The spine, wrists, and back are particularly susceptible. A stooped or bent-over posture is often evident.


Diagnostic testing is available to detect degenerative bone disease. Bone density tests, CT scans, and ultrasounds may all be used. If you have a family history of the disease, you should get tested as early as you can to slow the progress of osteoporosis by making positive life changes.

Treatment options

Although osteoporosis damages the body, chiropractic adjustments can help to manage the disease and sometimes reverse bone loss.

Chiropractic spinal adjustments are a holistic treatment option that positively affects the nervous system and improves movement of the joints. The spinal adjustments also stimulate osteoblasts in the body that replace bone. This offers a favorable boost for strengthening bones and aids in overall bone health while helping to reverse the effects of degenerative bone disease.

Disease prevention

An active lifestyle and a healthy diet can aid in preventing the disease. However, if you currently have osteoporosis, energetic, high-impact exercise is not recommended. Weightlifting, gardening, Tai Chi, golf and bouncing on a trampoline are all excellent ways to get the exercise you need.

Vitamin D and calcium intake are invaluable for bone health. Losing weight and quitting smoking can be very beneficial, even if you do not have osteoporosis.


Chiropractors can reduce the symptoms of degenerative bone disease with regular spinal manipulation and counseling about fracture prevention and bone density loss.

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