Decompression Massage Therapy in Garden City, MI

Decompression massage therapy is a great alternative to surgical procedures. It can be used on many different parts of the body to help alleviate pain. It aids in quicker recovery and helps the skin tighten after surgery. Decompression massage therapy can help you fight back pain.

What is Decompression Massage Therapy?

Decompression massage therapy (DMT) has been used in alternative medicines for hundreds of years. DMT uses alternating pressures to interact with the blood flow in affected areas. The alternating pressure increases blood flow, helps detoxification and leaves the skin tighter.

Decompression Massage Therapy

How is Decompression Massage Therapy used?

During the session, our trained therapist will use certain tools in the affected area. The tool is glided over the affected area while the therapist applies some pressure. DMT focuses on stimulating the flow in lymph nodes. Lymph nodes help to detoxify the body from unhealthy buildups. The increased blood flow also leads to better circulation and quicker recovery.

In what cases are Decompression Massage Therapy used?

DMT helps to realign the spine and to readjust twisted vertebrae. DMT is also used on previous injuries to aid in recovery. It relieves chronic pain in people suffering from arthritis and osteoporosis. It is even used to make the skin appear tighter on the face or other areas.

Decompression Massage

What Decompression Massage Therapy can do for you

Decompression Massage Therapy will reduce back pain, pain from previous injuries, and chronic pain due to arthritis or other chronic conditions. DMT also aids in skin recovery after surgery by guiding the fluids away from the site. It is then transported through the lymph nodes or the blood vessels leaving the skin tight and rejuvenated. DMT is non-invasive which means it is safe in all cases.

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