Contact Reflex Analysis in Garden City, MI

Contact reflex analysis is becoming a popular method in many circles for determining patient health. Chiropractors, such as Drs. Adam and Amanda Apfelblat, find it is an especially useful tool for helping their patients lead healthier lives.

Reflex Analysis

What is Contact Reflex Analysis?

Contact reflex analysis is a method used to test how well all the different components of the body are working using pressure points along the patient’s central nervous system. It is a simple test that is easy to perform and provides immediate and useful results. The test is non-invasive and can take place as a part of a routine visit to your chiropractor’s office.

Why It Works

Nerves run through the entire body and connect to every bit of tissue we have. They transmit information between our brain and our muscles, organs, and other tissues. Each organ, gland, or muscle has its own nerve pathways.

When any of these tissues are not working correctly, our nerves will know.

Pressure points are points along our nervous system where the nerves cross or come together close enough to the surface to be found. A trained practitioner can access these points and interpret the signals they carry.

Reflex Analysis Treatment

How Contact Reflex Analysis is Done

A chiropractor performs this test by having the patient hold one of their arms straight out. The chiropractor then touches a pressure point with one hand and pushes down on the patient’s wrist with the other.

If the arm is strong and resists the force, the nerves and associated tissues are working correctly. If the arm is weak and collapses to the pressure, there is something wrong along that nerve pathway.

If your chiropractor detects a weak response, he will work with you to treat the cause of the problem. Treatments can include spinal adjustments, stretches, nutritional changes, or several other solutions.

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