Colicky Baby Treatment in Garden City, MI

Do you have a colicky baby who cries for hours and isn’t soothed by your best efforts? Colic is still largely misunderstood. Why does our baby, who did little more than eat, sleep and pee, suddenly erupt in ear-splitting wails that can last for hours? And no matter how hard we try to comfort them, nothing seems to help. This problem is the frustrating world of colic.

colicky baby

All babies cry – whether they’re cold, hungry, bored, and sitting in an uncomfortably wet diaper; it’s their way of communicating. But colic is crying at an entirely different level, defined by crying more than three hours a day, for more than three days a week. It typically starts in a baby’s second or third month of life.

While the exact cause of colic remains unknown, some theories have linked cow’s mil intolerance to colic – although there are colicky babies who are breastfed as well. Some breastfeeding moms have reported an improvement in their colicky babies when they

Colicky baby treatment is unique to each infant, and often it takes applying several different treatments to find the one that works best.


You can try sitting the baby upright while feeding and burping them more often. Movement sometimes helps alleviate colicky crying, so walking your baby or placing them in a swing. If you breastfeed, try eliminating foods, such as coffee, acidic fruits, or cruciferous vegetables that might be contributing to your baby’s gas.

Chiropractic Care and Colicky Baby Treatment

If home remedies don’t work, give us a call. Chiropractic treatment for babies has been proven to help reduce the excessive crying due to colic. Our doctors will meet with you and your baby and devise a treatment plan to minimize or possibly eliminate the symptoms.