Chiropractor for Vertigo in Garden City, MI

Remember playing with your friends, spinning round and around in circles, laughing uproariously at the effect of whirling dizziness as you struggled to keep your balance when the spinning stopped?

And if you twirled enough times, you might actually fall down! They might be fun memories for most of us, but what if you had to live with that rocking, whirling feeling of perpetual motion.

What if you had bouts of this sensation that lasted for days or even weeks?


Sadly, this is a condition that about 3% of the population live with on a regular basis. It’s commonly known as vertigo.

The symptoms of vertigo can be very debilitating, and if you have experienced them, you definitely will have tried to find a solution. Of course, most people have experienced dizziness and nausea at various times in their lives, but vertigo includes these plus a feeling of movement which means the sufferer often cannot stand up.

The problem is related to the inner ear, and often the onset is sudden and the cause unknown. Your doctor can prescribe medication and rest, but these are not long-term solutions for an active person who prefers to be chemical-free.

Have you considered a chiropractor for vertigo?

You may believe that chiropractic treatment is only for back or neck pain. You perhaps envisage manipulations and “cracking” that others have told tales about and you possibly believe that chiropractor for vertigo could not possibly be the solution because you have endured numerous bouts of vertigo but no real relief.

Perhaps you have come to think you must endure this affliction. This is not the case. Choosing chiropractic treatment for vertigo will not involve drugs and will mean relief from your symptoms of nausea, vomiting, inability to stand, perhaps migraine headache or even tinnitus (a horrible ringing in the ears).

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