Chiropractor for Leg Pain in Garden City, MI

Leg pain is a common complaint amongst chiropractic and physician practices. From the very young to the very old, leg pain can have a wide variety of causes.

However, what is common among all types of leg pain is that they can be debilitating and cause a drastic decrease in your quality of life over the short and long term.

When you have pain in your legs, it makes it more difficult to do the activities you love, or even get around your home. And this is not to mention the psychological aspect of being in pain over the long term.

Causes and Treatments of Leg Pain

Some leg pain is caused by an obvious injury, such as a broken bone or a soft tissue injury caused by falling or another type of trauma. Rest, elevation, ice, and seeking medical attention are the first steps to take for this type of leg pain.

Leg Pain

However, most leg pain is not caused by this type of trauma. Often, leg pain is related to damage of nerves or nerve misalignment that originates in subluxations of the spine.

These are small misalignments of the spinal bone that, when left untreated, can cause immense pain to different areas of the body due to defective innervation.

A chiropractor for leg pain will complete a physical assessment and, if appropriate, will provide manual manipulation of the spine to reduce subluxations and improve innervation. They may also recommend exercise to help keep your legs healthy.

Chiropractor for Leg Pain

Legs are what carry us around in life. Whether you’re climbing Mount Everest of lifting your grandchildren at the playground, your legs are central to your ability to live an active, enjoyable life with all the activities you love to do.

Contacting our office for an appointment is the first step to a better life by relieving your leg pain for good.