Chiropractor for Pinched Nerve in Garden City, MI

Chiropractor for Pinched Nerve

You can have pinched nerve pain nearly anywhere in your body.

The pain from a pinched nerve can occur due to inflammation, swelling, or compression between the nerve and the different structures that support it, such as the bones or tendons. It can happen nearly anywhere, though commonly appears in the neck, wrists, and back.

One common form of pinched nerves is known as tunnel syndromes. These syndromes, like most other cases of pinched nerves, occur after an injury or through repetitive work.

Most cases of pinched nerves result from repetitive movements, increased activity or weight-bearing exercises, rapid or jerky movements, or inflammation from various sources. In some cases, the pinched nerve may be a symptom of excess weight gain or a condition such as rheumatoid arthritis. Your chiropractic care specialist can help determine the specific cause of your nerve pain.

Pinched Nerve

How can a pinched nerve be treated?

Every pinched nerve will likely need to be evaluated by a trained specialist for the best treatment option. The cause, location, and duration of the pain can all influence treatment methods.

Your pinched nerve may be treated through heat or cold therapy, massage therapy, gentle hands-on pressure for realignment, gentle exercise, and targeted exercise.

When should I get treated?

You should seek treatment for nerve pain as soon as you suspect it. If you are in pain, your body is trying to tell you that something isn’t quite right. The sooner you seek treatment, the sooner the cause can be found and a solution identified. Waiting may lead to increased damage that becomes more difficult to correct and heal.

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