Chiropractic Traction Therapy in Garden City, MI

Conditions of the spine are very common, affecting millions of people per year. Patients may present with symptoms such as back, neck, and leg pain, numbness or tingling, muscle weakness, soreness, and even mobility issues. Rehabilitative care, such as chiropractic traction therapy, is preferable to surgical procedures and is often used to treat these patients.

Chiropractic traction therapy, or spinal traction, is a method used by chiropractic experts to help stretch and decompress affected areas of the spine. These areas may vary depending on the symptoms present but are usually in the lower back or the neck.

Traction therapy is used to treat the pain and discomfort often caused by many spinal conditions such as herniated discs, nerve weakness, and in some cases, degenerative disc disease. This method can also be used to treat symptoms of conditions like scoliosis, joint stiffness, and compressed nerves.

Chiropractic Traction Therapy

How does chiropractic traction therapy work?

Traction therapy can be performed manually or mechanically. During manual traction therapy, our chiropractic therapist will apply pressure on the affected part of the spine by hand. They will work the spinal joints to relieve pressure and improve pain symptoms.

Similarly, mechanical traction therapy uses pressure on the spinal joints as well but may be used for a longer period. Both these methods are safe, efficient, and gentle.

The force and duration of this therapy will vary by individual, as chiropractic traction therapy can be safely used to treat multiple spinal conditions and symptoms. Decompression of the spine helps patients become more mobile and have less frequent pain symptoms. Patients may also see a decline in joint and nerve irritability after traction therapy.

Chiropractic Traction

Can I receive traction therapy for my symptoms?

Michigan Chiropractic Specialists’ experts are trained in performing this therapeutic treatment method for a variety of patients and symptoms. While traction therapy is not recommended for patients with certain types of cancer or osteoporosis, it is useful for treating other symptoms and conditions.

You can learn more about chiropractic traction therapy and see if you are a candidate by contacting Michigan Chiropractic Specialists.

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