Birth Trauma Treatment in Garden City, MI

Birth Trauma

While bringing a new life into the world will undoubtedly be one of the happiest moments in your family’s life, it is not without its challenges. The birthing process itself can be extremely traumatic for both mother and child, and cause problems that, if untreated, can lead to problems in later life.

While most of us will have never considered the possibility that a baby may need a chiropractor, modern birthing methods can often cause trauma to a newborn’s spine, resulting in a syndrome known as Traumatic Birth Syndrome (TBS).

What is Traumatic Birth Syndrome?

Traumatic Birth Syndrome occurs when a baby’s spine is injured during or shortly after delivery, causing damage to the nerve system. It is often referred to by chiropractors as a subluxation or Vertebral Subluxation Complex.

The condition generally occurs when the head, neck or any other part of the baby’s spine is pulled or twisted as part of the birthing process. Typically, this occurs when the birth process is prolonged or extraction aids, such as forceps, are used. Additionally, it occurs frequently as the result of a Caesarian.

As doctors focus on stabilizing mother and child, injuries resulting from Traumatic Birth Syndrome often go unnoticed.

Symptoms of Traumatic Birth Syndrome

Babies suffering from TBS will be sensitive when affected areas of the spine are touched and may suffer from inflammation. A spinal misalignment left untreated can cause stress on the baby’s body leading to frequent ear infections, colic or digestive difficulties, as well as crawling issues and asthma later in life. As adolescents or adults, they may experience soreness or weakness in the untreated area.

Birth Trauma Treatment

Treatment Traumatic Birth Syndrome

A consultation to check a newborn for TBS takes about 15-20 minutes. The follow-up treatment is very gentle, without any of the popping or cracking often associated with chiropractic treatments. A qualified chiropractor will use their fingertips to apply pressure to the specific vertebrae to restore proper alignment.

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