Birth Trauma Therapy in Garden City, MI

Statistics show us that a significant percentage of babies born with trauma present at birth can be negatively affected throughout their childhood. Some effects can even follow them into adulthood. This trauma is brought about by a spinal misalignment as the baby is born. The misalignment can reposition organs and joints within the body, which can lead to discomfort. Other more serious complications can include spinal and nerve damage.

Signs of birth trauma might include digestive problems, a fussy or colicky baby, weak neck muscles, or misaligned hips. Babies who experience birth trauma are at a higher risk for digestive issues because the misalignment in their spine prevents their system from working properly. It can also prevent them from fully using their muscles, resulting in issues with head growth and muscle development.

Birth Trauma Therapy

What Causes Birth Trauma?

Birth trauma can come about for many reasons. This trauma might include the use of extraction aids during the birth process, such as forceps or a vacuum. It can also be due to a long, difficult laboring process, or a situation in which the infant was twisted during the birth.

A Proven Effective Treatment

Studies have proven that chiropractic treatment is an effective option for parents of infants seeking birth trauma therapy. These treatments can successfully realign the infant, resulting in a complete reversal of the negative effects of birth trauma.

Birth Trauma

How Does It Work?

Misalignment of the body can create issues with development as well as blockages for the normal functioning of the body. As the body becomes properly aligned, development can continue as needed. The blockages can be cleared so the nervous, digestive, and immune systems can resume normal bodily function.

Let Chiropractic Care Work for You

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