Birth Trauma Chiropractic in Garden City, MI

Birth trauma is an unfortunate consequence of childbirth in the modern world we live in today.

More than ever before, mothers and fathers are seeking birth trauma therapy for both their infants and their older children who may have experienced birth trauma and never fully recovered.

Birth trauma chiropractic care is a first-line treatment for injuries and illnesses that result from medicalized childbirth.

Birth Trauma

Causes of Birth Trauma

Childbirth is a natural phenomenon. Women have been having babies successfully for thousands of years. However, the way that we give birth today is less than natural. For example, the use of forceps and vacuum-assisted delivery methods can result in trauma to the neonate such as fractured ribs, scalp trauma, trauma-related injuries to the spine, and more.

Another reason why birth trauma is so prevalent in recent times is the circumstances in your average childbirth setting. Instead of being able to move around freely in a way that is comfortable to them, many women must deliver confined to a bed, in an anatomical position that is far from optimal for delivering the baby, resulting in injuries to the bones and muscles of the infant being delivered. Furthermore, the pharmaceutical induction of childbirth is relatively common.

Birth Trauma

Birth Trauma Treatment

Several treatment modalities are available for infants and children who have experienced trauma as a result of the manner in which they were delivered as neonates.

The first step in the treatment of birth trauma is seeking the services of a qualified healthcare provider. They can help you understand if birth trauma chiropractic treatment is appropriate for your child and help develop a treatment plan and understand how your child will benefit from it.

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