Bioresonance Treatment in Garden City, MI

Bioresonance Treatment

Bioresonance therapy (also known as bioinformation therapy or energy medicine) uses German technology to promote natural healing. It is a pain-free and non-invasive therapy that brings balance back to your energy patterns. It has recently gained popularity, with one of its main proponents, British TV celebrity Noel Edmonds, believing this therapy cured him of prostate cancer.

How Does Bioresonance Treatment Work?

Bioresonance treatment is founded on the principle that every cell in your body has its own frequency. The healthy cells in your body produce frequencies that can be measured as healthy. The unhealthy frequencies can be read and made healthier by transmitting healthy frequencies back into your body.

Bioresonance treatment involves placing electrodes on your skin that are connected to a bioresonance machine. This machine then checks the energy coming from your body and transmits frequencies that counteract the pathological frequencies. Bioresonance therapy can then be used to remove blocks from your body’s natural energy flow.

Who Can Benefit?

Some people have found that bioresonance treatment has helped improve their energy. Bioresonance treatment tries to diagnose allergies, asthma, and eczema amongst other conditions.

Bioresonance treatment may not cure serious illnesses such as cancer, but some people find that it helps when used alongside their normal treatment to bring some energy back into their lives. Additionally, bioresonance treatment does not conflict with any conventional medical treatments.

Help Us Diagnose and Heal You

The first step toward healing is identifying the problem. Through bioresonance therapy, we can figure out what your specific toxins are and work on removing those from your life.

Your first session with Drs. Adam and Amanda Apfelblat will focus on diagnosing your specific health problem so that we can find the underlying problems and help you recover faster.

Our first conversation with you may involve asking questions about your medical history, your diet, and your lifestyle.

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