Back Pain Syndrome in Garden City, MI

Back pain is one of the most common reasons people seek chiropractic attention and is something most people will suffer from at some point in their lives. It’s a common reason for absence from work and can impact our everyday life by stealing our ability to play with our kids and enjoy physical activities and the outdoors.

One of the leading causes of disability around the world, back pain encompasses everything from mildly uncomfortable, to a constant ache, to throbbing, to sharp bolts that radiate down the legs, and can be so debilitating it makes the simplest tasks almost impossible.

Back Pain

Back pain can result from an injury such as lifting something too heavy, or it can be chronic and increase over time.

Because the area around the spine is such a complex network of muscles, nerves, bones, and tendons, there are numerous different causes of back pain. It may be linked to the lumbar spine, discs between vertebrae, ligaments around the spine and discs, lower back muscles, and abdominal muscles, among other things.

Back pain becomes more common as we age and being overweight adds stress to the back so is also a contributing factor. Some conditions that cause back pain, such as certain forms of arthritis, are hereditary. And playing sports and other forms of physical exertion can also lead to back pain.

Symptoms include difficulty moving, pain that radiates around the groin, buttocks or upper thighs, muscle spasms, dull achy pain, and soreness to the touch.

It’s important that back pain syndrome is diagnosed and treated quickly. Initial treatments include rest, heat and ice. Chiropractic treatment will include spinal manipulation, which is safe and effective. Using controlled force, the chiropractor will manipulate the joints to improve range of motion and restore function and prevent further injury.

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