Back Pain Doctor in Garden City, MI

Back pain is a debilitating condition for millions of people in the United States and across the world. Anyone who has experienced back pain knows just how excruciating it can be, and how much relief is provided by appropriate treatment.

Because of just how painful and debilitating back problems can be, many people seek out the services of a back pain doctor to treat their condition. This is just one of many professionals who can assess and treat the pain you are experiencing.

Back Pain Doctor

Back Pain Causes

There are dozens of things that can cause or worsen pain in the back. One of the most common is pain caused by workplace strain, excessive sitting in inappropriate posture, or incorrect movements while lifting heavy objects.

Back pain

Regardless of what activity you are doing that has caused your back pain, the result is the same. These movements or activities can bring the discs of the spinal column and the muscles that support them out of alignment. This misalignment is the primary cause of back pain in the human body.

As well, you may suffer from muscular strain to the muscles of the lower back. It is also possible that you have a herniated disc, meaning that one of the jelly-like discs between the bones of the spine has burst or slipped from its proper location. A qualified chiropractor can treat these issues as well.

Treatment for Back Pain

If you are experiencing chronic back pain, you should seek the services of a back pain doctor as soon as possible. They will rule out any insidious underlying cause of the pain, work with you to develop a treatment plan, and ensure you are pain-free as soon as possible.

A chiropractor will work to physically manipulate your spine and bring it back into realignment, relieving pain for good in many cases.