Arm Pain Doctors in Garden City, MI

There are few actions we do daily that do not involve using our arms at some stage. From helping us get out of bed in the morning to essential functions like using the bathroom or holding food utensils, there’s no question that our arms play an intrinsic role in our activities. So, when one or both of these essential limbs are out of action due to pain, we are severely stymied in our ability to perform basic operations.

What Causes Arm Pain?

Because we use our arms for so many things, it’s often difficult to pinpoint what may have caused our arm pain. It could have resulted from a pulled muscle suffered while lifting something heavy. Often, people who repetitively use a keyboard suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, which manifests as damage to the nerves in the wrist. If you have back pain or a spinal injury, you may find that this pain radiates to your arms. Pinched or damaged nerves, arthritis, gout, infections, tennis elbow – these can all lead to arm pain.

Arm Pain

What Can We Do about Arm Pain?

The first thing most arm pain doctors do when treating soreness is to isolate its cause. If you are suffering from a strain, sprain, or pulled muscle, the best first aid is RICE – rest, ice, compression, and elevation. If the pain doesn’t go away after RICE treatment, it is probably indicative of a more serious cause, such as long-term nerve damage or a broken bone. Treatments for these include non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs). Your doctor may also prescribe antibiotics if infections such as cellulitis cause the arm pain.

Arm Pain Treatment

Where Can You Get Treatment?

At Michigan Chiropractic Specialists, we treat the source of your arm pain with massage, therapy, and medication.

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