ADHD Treatment in Garden City, MI

ADHD – or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder – is a complex mental disorder that affects children and teens and can continue into adulthood. It’s difficult to diagnose but typically takes a huge toll on the lives of those affected by it.

Children with ADHD may have trouble both paying attention and with controlling their impulses.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Approximately 10% of school-aged kids are diagnosed with this behavioral disorder, and three times as many boys as girls are diagnosed. These children are hyperactive, have a problem focusing, and often act impulsively before considering their action. While they may understand appropriate behavior, they can have problems complying.

Specific symptoms include fidgeting and squirming in class and during meals, difficulty in doing quiet tasks, constant motion in the classroom, speaking out of turn and interrupting others, blurting out inappropriate comments, and trouble controlling emotions.

School is still out on the causes of most cases of ADHD, although contributing factors can be both genetic and environmental. Some research indicates that environmental factors such as exposure to cigarette smoke and drinking during pregnancy increase the risk of ADHD. Other research has found it can be passed down genetically from the parents.

ADHD treatment

ADHD treatment traditionally includes a combination of counseling and medication such as the psychotropic drugs Adderall and Ritalin. But many parents are leery of resorting to medication for their kids because of the significant side effects and long-term health impact.

Chiropractic and nutritional treatment is gentler, and less invasive, and focuses on restoring the nervous system to a more functional state. When the spine is out of place, it affects nervous system health, and so a chiropractor can assess whether the spine is misaligned and can treat it with careful adjustments. Research shows eating a diet of nutrient-rich foods that aren’t processed can alleviate ADHD symptoms, along with removing potential food allergens such as gluten.

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