Adhd Therapy in Garden City, MI

Garden City, Michigan is home to many psychologists, therapists, behavioral health specialists, and other mental health professionals. Many people rely on these professionals to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in their children, but most of these clinicians will prescribe potentially harmful medications which merely hide symptoms rather than treat them.

ADHD is most prevalent in children, mainly males, but can also be present in the adult population. ADHD affects a person’s ability to concentrate, causes hyperactivity, can cause lower tolerance for boredom, results in heightened irritability, and can cause increased daydreaming, amongst other symptoms.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

For ADHD therapy many people utilize a dual approach of psychotropic medication and counseling, which has been proven most effective for minimizing the symptoms. However, medications can cause unpleasant and often dangerous side effects, and it can create dependence and tolerance which leads to increased dosage. Also, many children do not yet possess the critical thinking and self-awareness skills necessary for participating in counseling.

Michigan Chiropractic Specialists provide natural ADHD therapy in the form of nervous system relaxation and spinal adjustment, which is proven to treat the symptoms of ADHD without medication. Chiropractic care can treat both the genetic and environmental factors thought to cause ADHD, as well as increase the person’s overall physical and mental health.

ADHD Therapy

In the Garden City, MI office we provide nutritional counselingand detoxification meant to increase the intake of nutrient-rich foods and decrease foods that may be harmful to the body such as common allergens. Other services include massage, spinal traction and decompression, the Cox technique of spinal manipulation, and myofascial therapy.

For those who wish to maintain a natural therapeutic approach and avoid harmful and addictive medications, ADHD therapy through chiropractic services is proven effective while also improving overall wellness.

It’s your life, live it in health. Call us today and let Michigan Chiropractic Specialists help you have a better quality of life.