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If you have ever had an accident or suffered an injury while on the job, you have what is considered a work injury. Work injuries prevent workers from satisfactorily performing their job, resulting in a loss of income. A work injury often prevents the worker from advancing further in their career due to physical limitations resulting from the accident.

Work Injuries are also detrimental for businesses as they result in a loss of productivity, and can force huge insurance payouts to compensate the worker for their injury.

What are Work Injuries?

Work injuries are any injuries sustained while performing your occupation, whether in your place of work or while performing your job elsewhere. These injuries can prevent workers from returning to work or limiting their ability to perform their job comfortably and safely.

If left untreated, work injuries can continue to worsen, and can often lead to workers having to leave their jobs permanently.

Causes of Work Injuries

The majority of injuries sustained on the job are damage to the back and neck, but chronic headaches, tendonitis, and carpal tunnel syndrome, amongst other physical traumas, can also be a direct result of workplace conditions.

These injuries are often caused by repetitive everyday movements that can place undue stress on joints and ligaments. They can also be caused by unsafe work environments, causing slips and falls, or incorrect workplace practices, such as not wearing appropriate protective gear.

Factory workers and manual laborers are more prone to work injuries, because of the repetitive nature of their jobs. However, office workers can also suffer from work injuries to the back and neck due to poorly designed office furniture or poor posture.

Unfortunately, many work-related injuries are an unavoidable, however, preventative measures can help to minimize the instances of injury in the workplace.

Symptoms of Work Injury

Most work injuries are difficult to identify immediately, as many of them occur slowly over time. Also, because the types of work injury vary greatly, so too do the symptoms.

Many work-related injuries are identified by consistent pain, swelling, tenderness, or weakness. These symptoms will occur mostly in your back, neck, or joints during regular movements performed over the course of your job, and will often worsen over time if they are not treated.

Treatment for Work Injuries

As there are various causes and symptoms of work injuries, some of the techniques used to repair include manual spinal adjustments, massage therapy for soft tissue rehabilitation, as well as strengthening and stretching exercises to improve the range of motion in the affected area.

Chiropractic treatments are a highly effective clinical method for treating workplace injuries due to the holistic approach to treatment. Each patient is thoroughly assessed to determine the most effective approach to treatment for the individual.

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