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If you suffer from chronic or acute back pain and spend most of your waking hours at a desk or on your feet, you might benefit from using arch support products like Foot Levelers. Much of back, knee, and hip pain is linked to the way you sit, stand, and walk. If you have an uneven gait or improper posture, you may be increasing your chronic pain unnecessarily.

The primary function of wearable orthotics is to relieve pain and correct your stance. Individuals who require these products suffer from different conditions that have similar symptoms such a back, joint, or heel pain, inflexibility, stiffness, pain radiating through the legs, neck soreness, and difficult maneuvering. Foot Levelers can help assuage these symptoms by providing additional strength to your feet. Unlike most wearable orthotics, Foot Levelers support all three arches of your feet, giving you the optimal assistance you need.

What are Foot Levelers?

Foot Levelers are a type of orthotics or devices designed to mimic the skeletal system that are frequently used in various types of orthopedic therapy. Orthotic products are used to modify or aid the skeletal or neuromuscular system. Foot Levelers are a variety of shoe insertable orthotics that help alleviate different types of pain through foot arch support.

The effects of wearable or insertable orthotics heavily depend on its design. Some foot orthotics offer single arch support, which helps manage pain in most cases. However, some individuals require the extra three-arch support only custom-made orthotics can supply.

What Conditions Does It Treat?

Orthotics have a wide-range of uses, but Foot Levelers are primarily used to manage conditions such as lower back pain, heel pain (plantar fasciitis), and poor posture. Many of these conditions originate from or are aggravated by poor foot arch support. Your feet support all your body’s weight. Therefore, incorrect distribution of bodyweight can put undue pressure on various parts of the body. Individuals who have poor arch support, chronic hip pain, or knee pain will benefit from the assistance wearable orthotics can offer.

Foot Levelers help patients realign their bodies and readjust their stance so that their weight is evenly distributed. For individuals with chronic hip, leg, or back pain, Foot Levelers provide a simple, painless long-term solution for managing their chronic condition.

The custom-fit Foot Levelers will help you maintain proper balance and posture, preventing pain from returning for longer periods of time.

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