Work Injury Treatment in West Bloomfield, MI

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Workplace injuries come in all forms. From the back injury from repetitive strain to the person who burns themselves with chemicals in a laboratory, there are almost infinite ways that people injure themselves in the workplace setting. People seeking work injury treatment share one thing in common: They all wish to be pain-free and comfortable.

Types of Workplace Injuries

Workplace injuries are as diverse as the people who seek treatment for them.

The most common workplace injury is pain to the back, especially lower back. This can occur acutely, where you injure your back lifting, pushing, or pulling something too heavy or with inappropriate form. It may also happen chronically with repetitive strain.

Other types of injuries common in the workplace include repetitive strain injuries to the feet or hands, neck pain, burns, and cuts.

What to Do If You Are Injured at Work

It can be a scary experience to be injured at work but knowing what to do in the event that it happens can go a long way to reducing these fears.

The first thing you need to do is seek treatment for any immediate needs. Thing includes things like seeking immediate first aid treatment for cuts, burns, or scrapes, applying ice, resting, doctor’s assessment, or prescribed pain medication.


After that, it is important to file a work injury claim, notify your immediate supervisor, and to follow any other policies or procedures your employer may have regarding the treatment of workplace injuries.

Finally, the most important step is to seek professional work injury treatment on a longer-term basis.  This includes things like seeing a qualified chiropractor to help address ongoing injuries that you may have.

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