Why Athletes Are at a Greater Risk of Sustaining a Neck Injury

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Athletes are among the most typical clients who come to visit a chiropractor for neck pain treatment, and there is a good reason for this. Athletes are extremely physically active, and regardless of which sport they practice, they are more vulnerable to injury than other people.


Why Are Athletes More Vulnerable?

No matter whether an athlete participates in gymnastics, skiing, running, tennis, golf, or soccer, their neck will naturally be under more stress due to the extremely physical nature of their activity. An athlete’s neck is subject to turns, twists, additional pressure absorption, and possibly even physical impacts. All of that action can result in injury, even to extremely fit sportsmen and women.

Sportsmen and women who participate in extreme sports like mountain biking, skiing, or snowboarding are especially prone to injury. However, even those who take part in much less dangerous activities are also at risk, especially from pain caused by pinched nerves in the neck area.

What Is the Cause of Neck Pain in Athletes?

Neck Injury

Usually, when athletes visit a chiropractor for neck pain in West Bloomfield, MI, their problem arises from degenerative changes that have taken place in their neck. Young athletes often experience neck trauma resulting to pain in their neck joints, cervical spine, and also the musculature that supports this part of the body. These structures are extremely important to a patient’s mobility and physical well-being. Therefore, athletes who complain of neck pain or injury should be evaluated thoroughly by a professional so that their condition can be managed appropriately.

How Is the Neck Affected by Sports?

Your neck has a key role to play in connecting your body and head. While it needs to be strong and supportive, it also has to have sufficient flexibility to move. The neck is stable because of the seven spinal vertebrae which run along its length, with discs in between to act as shock absorber.

When you do a lot of sporting activity, the ligaments and muscles of the neck end up under a lot of strain. If you fall or collide with another player, your neck can be flung backward or forward, tearing the ligaments and causing strains or sprains.

If your head is pushed forcefully to the side, a stinger or burner may result. The pain resulting from this injury is similar to a burning or stinging sensation. It races down the arm, and it occurs because of brachial plexus damage.

If you experience an injury of this type, you should visit a chiropractor for neck pain in West Bloomfield, MI, to receive treatment.

How Can Athletes Avoid Neck Injury?

One of the best pieces of advice that any athlete should take on board is to warm up thoroughly before taking part in any physical activity. Another key element to bear in mind is to always wear a helmet before taking part in any extreme sport, such as skateboarding, or any activity in which an impact is likely, such as cycling.

To quickly resolve any underlying issues related to body pain and restore your mobility, visiting a chiropractor for neck pain is the best option to consider.