The Inner Ear, Dizziness, and Balance: How Your Chiropractor Can Help

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For anyone who has ever felt their world spinning, finding the nearest solid thing to grasp hold of can feel like a lifesaver. Dizziness can be exhausting and, in some cases dangerous, but by understanding how a complex network of sensory systems controls your sense of balance, your chiropractor can relieve your dizziness and help you find solid ground.

What Causes Dizziness?

Dizziness is not a disease itself but rather a symptom of an underlying cause. The causes of dizziness can be varied from a simple blood rush to the head from standing too quickly or dehydration to more complex causes including viral infections or poor nerve signaling.

Dizziness is often accompanied by other related symptoms such as nausea and blurred vision. Most cases of dizziness are brief and resolve on their own quickly. However, if you are prone to frequent bouts of dizziness or suffer any of these symptoms for prolonged periods, there may be a more serious cause.

One known cause of poor balance and dizziness is carcinogenic in which the muscles joints and ligaments in the upper spine and neck weaken or are injured and are unable to transmit nerve signals to the rest of your body effectively. However, it is a small structure and complex system inside the inner ear that gives us our sense of equilibrium.

Inner ear infections such as labyrinthitis cause inflammation of the ear canal which disrupts the delicate movement of fluid through the ear and places pressure on the nerves responsible for balance. Another cause for poor balance and dizziness is debris left in the ear which can irritate the nerve structure of the inner ear.

How the Inner Ear Affects Your Balance

Although multiple sensorimotor systems contribute to keeping you oriented and upright, the inner ear structures, also known as the vestibular system, is the most important for maintaining equilibrium and spatial orientation. When this area is damaged or not functioning properly, you will experience dizziness.

The structures of the inner ear called the utricle and saccule sense vertical movements while the three fluid-filled canals sense rotational movement. The movement of the fluid in these canals puts pressure on the sensory receptors in the ear which then send signals to your brain. This information then integrates with other sensory input from your other sensorimotor systems such as vision and your muscles and joints to provide your brain with information about your surrounding and movements.

Chiropractic Dizziness Treatment

Chiropractic Dizziness Treatment

Of course, dizziness itself is not a serious problem. However, it can interfere with your ability to complete daily activities and can be potentially dangerous in some situations such as when driving. Fortunately, there are ways that your chiropractor can help.

Epley Maneuver

For dizziness caused by obstructions in the inner ear canals, your chiropractor may use a specialized form of spinal manipulation for dizziness treatment. The technique is known as the Epley Maneuver and works by repositioning the patient, so the posterior canal is rotated back into a planar position relieving any pressure the debris is putting on the inner ear nerve.


Your chiropractor can also give you a range of exercises that can be performed at home to relieve dizziness such as Tai Chi or Yoga positions, or a movement known as the Brandt-Daroff technique which involves sitting on the bed and flopping to alternate sides at one-minute intervals.

Dizziness Medication

Because chiropractors believe in treating the patient holistically, your chiropractor may recommend a course of homeopathic dizziness medication as well as changes to your diet as part of a complementary treatment program to relive your dizziness and associated symptoms.

Final Thoughts

Dizziness can be fatiguing and, in some cases, dangerous by putting you at risk of falling or disorienting you while driving or performing other activities. But you don’t need to let dizziness interfere with your life, schedule an appointment with your chiropractor so they can stop your world from spinning.